Anthropology's 2021 Welcome Week Open House a Success

October 29, 2021
On Friday before the first day of Fall 2021 classes, The Department of Anthropology hosted a successful Welcome Week Open House on the 3rd Floor North Wing of Marrs Mclean Science. Incoming undergraduates and PhD students alike got to tour our various labs and classrooms, including the Anthropology Core Lab that houses research conducted by Dr. Muehlenbein, Dr. Reynolds, and Dr. Urlacher.

Other rooms explored include the Anatomy and Osteology Lab Classrooms, as well as Dr. Ferraro’s Zooarchaeology Lab and Dr. Hoggarth’s Archaeology Lab. The Open House allowed for a great opportunity where students could discuss the upcoming academic year with department faculty and fellow majors. Each student left with a smile, an Anthro “swag bag” and brownie. Below we included photos we snapped at the event. We look forward to an exciting academic year for our Anthro students!

Antropology Fair

Antropology Open House

Antropology Fair Taxidermy

Antropology Fair Props

Antropology Lab

Antropology Fair Guests